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This region is similar to neighbouring Languedoc in terms of climate, grape type and wines.

Just next door to Spain, Roussillon is full of stony terraces that are ideal for growing natural sweet wines (VDN), which is a particular feature of the vineyards.

There are also black shale, granite and clay-limestone soils.

The climate is a very sunny one, with low, poorly distributed rainfall.

There are 7,300 hectares of vineyards, producing 900,000 hl of wine.

Natural sweet wines (Banyuls, Maury, Rivesaltes) have for a long time been representative of the region’s wines. Today, though, with the modernisation of facilities, the diversification of grape types and new winemaking techniques, there is more production of quality dry wines.

The main grape types are identical to those in Languedoc: for reds, black carignan, syrah, mourvèdre and black grenache. For whites, marsanne, roussanne, vermentino, muscat à petits grains, malvoisie, macabeu, white grenache and grey grenache.

Recent vintages

  • 2011: a fine year, with balanced, fragranced reds and dry whites with freshness and acidity.
  • 2012: because of the low yields, the reds are complex, deep and voluptuous. The dry whites are fresh and taut. As for the VDN, these are crisp, intense and very balanced.
  • 2013: magnificent, very fruity white wines. Reds full of flavour and svelte thanks to the lower alcohol content.
  • 2014: a great vintage, fresh and late, charcterised by finesse and freshness. The whites are balanced and very aromatic, while the reds are mature and fine with a great intensity of fruit.

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    1. Domaine Gauby

      Sales durationFrom 23 Jan. To 06 Feb.
      Sale closed
      A process of continuously challenging and demanding the highest standards of itself have taken this estate to the top. Its wines delight you thanks to their perfect balance between fruit and freshnes.
    2. Domaine Gauby

      Sales durationFrom 24 Jan. To 10 Feb.
      Sale closed
      This elite Roussillon estate reinvents southern winemaking with wines of perfect balance that combine phenomenal density with sublime finesse. 
    3. Domaine du Clos des Fées

      Sales durationFrom 23 Sep. To 24 Oct.
      Sale closed
      A former sommelier and food critic, Hervé Bizeul has worked really hard to create his estate, in the heart of the scrubland 'desert' of Roussillon. The wines from his vineyard are up there at the level of the effort made: they have become unmissable and in high demand all over the world as their quality reaches heights rarely attained in the region. 
    4. Château de Corneilla

      Sales durationFrom 16 Jun. To 23 Jun.
      Sale closed
      The Jonquères d'Oriola family is as famous for their exploits in the Olympic Games as for the remarkable quality of their wines, which combine freshness and intense aromas.
    5. Domaine Madeloc

      Sales durationFrom 08 Apr. To 19 Apr.
      Sale closed
      Elise Gaillard exploits this fantastic shale terroir to the full to produce a consistent range of high-level wines in the three main types.
    6. Roc des Anges

      Sales durationFrom 17 Mar. To 27 Mar.
      Sale closed
      In just 15 years, this estate has become an authentic institution in Roussillon with smooth vines that have extraordinary finesse.
    7. Domaine Gauby

      Sales durationFrom 18 Feb. To 28 Feb.
      Sale closed
      This emblematic estate in Roussillon produces wines with a perfect balance between great density and incredible finesse. An opportunity not to be missed. 
    8. Domaine du Clos des Fées

      Sales durationFrom 14 Sep. To 23 Sep.
      Sale closed
      A former wine waiter and culinary critic, Hervé Bizeul has spared no effort to set up his estate tucked away in a desert of garrigue scrub in the Roussillon region. The estate's wines are worthy of the work invested: they are now not to be missed and acclaimed all over the world thanks to their high standard of quality, rarely reached in the region.