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The vineyards of Alsace (15,000 hectares) stretch for 170 km, from Strasbourg in the North to Mulhouse in the South, along a narrow band barely more than a few kilometres in width.

Nestled in the shelter of the massif formed by the Vosges, which provides an obstacle to the bands of rain sweeping in from the Atlantic Ocean, the Alsace region has surprising low rainfall and the hours of sunshine are unusually high for this latitude. With East/South-East exposure, the grapes in the area find the conditions ideal for achieving the ideal maturity.

Of note is the wide diversity of soil types that make up the region: granite, limestone, sandstone, marl, calcareous clay and son on. These varying soils enable the same grape type to find differing expressions in the wines it creates, as can be seen from the various great vintages produced.

The majority of the wines are produced from a single grape type, although some innovative winemakers have opted for blended wines in recent years that better reflect the identity of the ‘terroir’ – that wonderfully indefinable French term that means ‘soil’ or ‘land’ or even ‘micro-climate’ – and all of the individual local factors that go to create the wines.

Alsace wines are often wonderfully fresh, with a highly aromatic side to them, as well as residual sweetness sometimes. Whites make up 90% of production, with reds and rosés (based on pinot noir) 10%. The 52 ‘Grands Crus’ produce 4% of the region’s total volume of around 1,150,000 hl.

Recent vintages:

  • 2011: an abundant harvest, producing pleasant, easy-to-drink wines that should be drunk young.
  • 2012: a classic year, with light, delicate wines with exotic touches. Greater potential for laying down than 2011.
  • 2013: a winemaker’s vintage. Note the stunning success of the pinot blanc.

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  1. Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss

    Sales durationFrom 11 Feb. To 21 Feb.
    Sale closed
    The estate's wines are models of purity and finesse. Appreciated by both amateurs and experts, they express their fabulous terroirs beautifully.
  2. Domaine Josmeyer

    Sales durationFrom 06 Oct. To 15 Oct.
    Sale closed
    On its superb lands, this estate of reference in Alsace produces wines with crunchy fruitiness and crystalline purity. As dry as possibly can be, they are a marvel in culinary combinations.