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In this land of holidays, the reputation of Provence wines is along the same lines: easy-going rosés to be drunk sitting by the pool.

However, tourism has given new impetus to the production of wine, most of which is sold locally during the summer season.

With nearly 30,000 hectares of vineyards, the region produces 1,300,000 hl, the majority of which are rosés (40% of national production), followed by reds and the harder-to-find whites.

There are 13 Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée, with different vineyards due to the wide diversity of soils and microclimates influenced by altitude or proximity to the sea.

The rosés are delicate and fruity, while the reds are light and soft, some good for laying down, particularly in Bandol, depending on the years, while the surprising whites offer a largely unexploited potential.

The main grape types used for reds are grenache, syrah, cinsault, mourvèdre and cabernet sauvignon. For whites, there are rolle (or vermentino), ugni blanc and clairette.

Recent vintages

  • 2011: quality whites and drinkable reds, with a special mention for the Bandols, which are powerful and tannic.
  • 2012: a classic year for whites, which are smooth. The reds are delicious and fragrant, to be drunk for their fruit.
  • 2013: exciting whites, aromatic and featuring an unusual freshness. The reds are easy and should be drunk young.
  • 2014: the reds are fruity and pleasing with good racking potential. The whites should be drunk young.

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    Sales history

    1. Château Barbanau

      Sales durationFrom 06 Jul. To 27 Jul.
      Sale closed
      With his vines grown organically at altitude, Didier Simonini offers us stunningly fresh wines that are rising in the hierarchy of Provence year by year.
    2. Abbaye de Pierredon

      Sales durationFrom 03 Jul. To 24 Jul.
      Sale closed
      Antoine Dürrbach, the brilliant winemaker of the reputed Trévallon estate, makes very original wines without exuberance but unequalled purity in the region.
    3. Château Barbanau

      Sales durationFrom 30 May. To 13 Jun.
      Sale closed
      With long-standing passion and commitment, Didier and Sophie Simonini grow their vines organically to offer us the best of Provence in the three main types of wine.
    4. Château Barbanau

      Sales durationFrom 24 May. To 02 Jun.
      Sale closed
      For our greatest pleasure, Didier and Sophie Simonini cultivate their vines with passion under organic production to stop headaches ruining the party!
    5. Domaine de la Bégude

      Sales durationFrom 24 Mar. To 04 Apr.
      Sale closed
      These gastronomic rosé wines are sure to delight everyone. They can be enjoyed in their youth but also have plenty of keeping potential. Take advantage and snap up some of the last bottles of 2014 before the arrival of the new vintage!
    6. Domaine de la Bégude

      Sales durationFrom 25 Nov. To 03 Dec.
      Sale closed
      Thanks to the altitude of the estate, La Bégude produces powerful but also elegant red Bandol wine, as well as gourmet rosé. You absolutely HAVE to try them!
    7. Château Barbanau

      Sales durationFrom 13 Jul. To 30 Aug.
      Sale closed
      This 30-hectare estate produces Côtes de Provence and Cassis AOC wines. An organic winemaking property since 2008, it has not stopped progressing and has today reached an excellent level with its wonderfully fresh wines.